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Nonprofit Resources for the Smaller Nonprofit

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With over 5,000 small 501(c)(3) nonprofit charities in the Greater Denver Metro area, nonprofit resources become scarce. Things like funding and volunteers are obviously harder to find, but what is even harder to find is time. Time to look around and find the resources that can help move an organization forward. Knowledge is power and Denver Gives is dedicated to helping our small nonprofits find the knowledge they need to succeed and meet more of our community, all FREE to the small local nonprofit!

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We have some amazing charities doing amazing things!
Most of them you have never heard of.
Hear from a couple of them now…

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Help us continue to support these amazing organizations. Leverage your time and donation to help not just one cause, but many. As we grow, we can provide more nonprofit resources free to the ones that really need them. Denver Gives Week is our largest event of the year fro nonprofits and in it’s first year impacted over 100 nonprofits in one week!

Denver Gives for nonprofit resources
Denver Gives is a 501c3 dedicated to providing free nonprofit resources to the smaller charities in our community.

Since 2010, Denver Gives has dedicated itself to learning about the needs of the nonprofit community and as we continue to move forward, we hope that we can further our cause by collaborating more with other nonprofit community resources to develop a tiered resource system where the best of the resources available are provided  and/or offered appropriately and timely to the nonprofits as they grow. We support our startup companies in the Greater Denver Metro area, it’s time to support or small nonprofit community and increase their ability to support our community!