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When you volunteer with Denver Gives, you aren’t just giving your volunteer time to one charity, you are leveraging your time to help hundreds of small and local nonprofits within your community!




DATES: Denver Gives Day Training, April 2016, and Denver Gives Week, August 15-19, 2016

Location: UC-Denver Business School & Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship

Help a whole bunch of charities all at once by volunteering with one of our Denver Gives Week committees! Committees available:

  • Steering/Planning Committee – Assist in development of the week from the very beginning
  • Marketing/Communications/PR Committee – Work on a multi-faceted team to help market Denver Gives Week to sponsors, nonprofits, students, and highlight the benefits of the event to the general public. Tasks include but are not limited to: Email Marketing, V-Blog, Blogging, Website, Public Relations, Media Outreach, Direct Mail, Social Media campaigns, Adwords, SEO, Graphic Design, Collateral Material, Events and post event follow up
  • Speakers Committee – Assist with recruiting, vetting, scheduling, and day of event logistics for speakers, presenters and sponsors and post event followup as well as day of volunteer implementation
  • Technology Committee – Work with a team to create, develop and integrate technology into the event. Examples of tech include but are not limited to: Website, Social Media, Twine Social, Payment, Event Management, Onsite Communications, Mobile tech and post event follow up
  • Media Committee – Assist with producing media pre-, during and post event including but not limited to: Graphic Design, Video Development and deployment, social media presence, content, and session publication using social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope, Facebook Mentions, and YouTube Live Stream and post event follow up
  • Hospitality Committee – Work with a team to provide food, beverage, social events, and giveaways and other perks to our attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers including day-of-event supervision and implementation of logistics and post event follow up
  • Corporate Volunteer Day* – Companies can sponsor a full day of volunteers for each of the 5 days volunteers are needed. 20-30 volunteer/day are needed for various shifts and positions including but not limited to Check In, Food and Beverage distribution, Room Assistants, Technology assistants, Social Media Assistants, Info Desk Assistants, and more. *Donation Required (covers F&B costs for volunteers)
  • Nonprofit Appreciation Day Committee – Assist with procurement of nonprofit organization participants and event sponsors, materials, equipment, food and beverage, entertainment, volunteer needs, logistics and supervision of the event on the day of and post event follow up

Hours Vary: Monday – Saturday, Most work can be completed virtually

For a copy of Denver Gives Week Job Descriptions, please click here.





Produced by MADevents, Denver Gives Major Fundraiser of the Year!


DATES: May-September 2016

EVENTS: Final Friday Happy Hour Events, Culminating into the Suitcase.Party Main Event! 

Committees available:

  • Event Logistics and Planning Committee – Assist with the overall logistics of all events from May to September
  • Marketing/Communications & PR Committee – Assist with marketing the Party for a Purpose cause and assist in raising awareness of the efforts with various media outlets
  • Attendee Engagement/Entertainment Committee – Assist with creation, development, and implementation of a strategy to engage entertainers, sponsors and attendees

Hours Vary: Monday – Saturday, Most work can be completed virtually

For more information on this opportunity, please click here.



Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Administrative Volunteers

Assist with administrative tasks including but not limited to research, database management, document development, and communications

  • Google Analytics Volunteer – Assist with analysis of Google Analytics data and help us to create a more functional website as well as Adwords and other marketing campaigns
  • Google Adwords Volunteer –  Assist with developing effective Adwords Campaigns within the Google for Nonprofits in-kind budget
  • Graphic Designer – Assist with graphics needs of the organization and events.

Hours Per Week: 1-20 hours  (depends on committee and how far away from day of event)
Meetings: Can be done via internet with minimal face to face, but meetings can be set up on an as needed basis


Please complete the following application:  Volunteer Application

Call us at 720.675.9317 to discuss any of your interests or concerns!